Darden FAQs - Pt 2: What to Wear & How to Get Involved

What do you wear?

  • Class:

    • People dress nice casual.  In general at the beginning of the year people are more conscious of how they are presenting themselves and it gets more casual as time progresses - though it is pretty rare to see someone come to class in workout clothes or sweats.

    • When it is HOT outside it is COLD inside Darden. Layers will be your best friend.

  • Recruiting Events:

    • Generally speaking you wear business casual to company sponsored recruiting events such as briefings and to career club conferences. If you are recruiting for finance or consulting this will likely lean more to business formal depending on the event.

    • In the fall you might be attending briefings multiple days a week so it is useful to have a handful of items you can repurpose for different events.

    • Briefings can be right after classes - a big reason you will see some people coming to class in suits during the school year.

    • Places like Ann Taylor, the Loft and Banana Republic have amazing sales so it might be worthwhile to pick up a few pieces  before coming to school if you worked in a more casual environment.

  • What bag do you use?

    • Majority of folks use backpacks but you can bring whatever is comfortable for you. Typically you are bringing to campus things for a long day so a backpack is an easy way to transport your computer, notebooks, snacks, lunch or whatever.  

    • Herschel backpack and a Swell or Hydroflask water bottle seemed to be the trend for 2018 :P Feel free to be more inventive!

How do I get involved?

  • Club Involvement
    • Many clubs function to serve and optimize the FY experience (Career Clubs, many of the affinity groups) so you get to sit back and relax and engage as a member in events and opportunities designed just for you! Unlike clubs you might have joined in undergrad or high school, most Darden clubs allow you to direct how you engage and how much time you spend participating. There are not weekly meetings but most send out weekly newsletters and offer a variety of events you can choose to participate in. 
    • Clubs come with “dues” to participate. This can add up quickly but in the long run this $ is a small fraction of what you are paying to come to business school. Wise to budget a pool of money to put toward joining clubs. 
    • After Club Fair & Club Kick Off meetings you will receive an email from DSA with a form where you will sign up for all clubs and pay all dues together in one place. At this point you will have access to sign up for *all* clubs regardless of if you got your name on the list at Club Fair or attended the Kick Off. 
    • Similar to how GWIB encourages men to join our Male Ally program, other affinity groups also encourage membership beyond people who individually identify with the group. 
    • Many clubs have FY reps and the way each club selects reps is different, but you will get more information on that in the first few weeks.
  • Section Leadership:
    • You’ll learn all about the quirks and traditions of your section on the “Norms Day.” You will also learn more about the Section Leadership opportunities that exist.
    • A great way to lead FY is to run for Section Leadership. Each section has a small leadership team that manages a variety of responsibilities. You will have the opportunity to run for positions in the first few weeks. If you are interested, you should run!
    • Section Rep serves as the defacto section President and is responsible for managing relationships with faculty, the Office of Student Affairs and the Darden Student Association while also being the primary driver of community norms for the Section. Social Chair(s) are responsible for developing community outside of the classroom by hosting a lot of events such as planning Darden Cup tailgates and other fun get togethers and parties. Athletic Rep is responsible for managing the Darden Cup experience, getting teams together and motivating participation. There are Review Coordinators who plan how you prep for exams (so important!) and other positions like Outreach Chairs (who manage community service opportunities) and more!