Darden FAQs - Pt 3: Health & Wellness

"Health is often one of the first things that feels like it has to let go in order to accomplish everything you care about at Darden. It is important to think about ways you can commit to yourself and be honest and reasonable with what you need to feel good."

What/when/where do you eat?

  • You will gradually learn what will work for you but it can be tricky to figure out when to eat lunch and dinner (snacks are your friend!). There isn’t a ton of time for cooking, so if it matters to you you will need to make it a priority and be intentional about setting aside the time.

  • There are a ton of different grocery store options near Darden - Harris Teeter and Krogers in Barracks and there is also a Trader Joe’s, a Whole Foods and a Wegmans.

  • Some people use Abbott Center and grab lunch there - buffet style, pay by weight - but it can get expensive if you're doing that everyday ($7-$8/meal). Cafe 67 is a good option for a quick bite/snacks too, but less for a full meal

  • Often you will go directly from class to a company briefing or other event. Meal prep is key if you don’t want to predominantly eat at Darden during the day.

What/where/when do you exercise?

  • Cville has a lot of great options for working out. North Grounds is a gym right outside Darden that everyone will have access to and is convenient! There are also a lot of popular boutique workout places you can take yoga, barre, spin, and other types of group fitness. Cville also has awesome places to go for hikes and do other outdoor activities (though this can be tricky to fit in!).
  • Similar to cooking, it is tricky to figure this out and will probably require some trial and error. Some people find early morning workouts a good bet, some people before or after learning team. Again, there isn’t going to be a ton of time to workout so you’ll have to be intentional about how you prioritize.