Jane GWIB pic.jpg

Jane Hannon


Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Undergrad: Neuroscience and Hispanic Studies at Hamilton College

Career: Before Darden- biotech marketing. After Darden- strategy and marketing consulting at 3M.

Darden Section: C(-Suite!)

Favorite C’ville spots: Lampo, Tavern & Grocery, Alley Light, the library above the Rotunda, and Carter Mountain apple orchard in the fall!

#WhyDarden: So many reasons but the top was that I wanted to come to a school where women had a strong voice in shaping the student experience, and Darden provided exactly that. I love that half of our clubs are spearheaded by women, and that GWIB has such an active presence on Grounds. I’m so happy to be immersed in a community that is willing to tackle difficult conversations around gender equity and is actively working towards getting more women into positions of leadership.


Christina Gonsalves


Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey (Yayyy Jersey!!!)

Undergrad: Columbia University

Career: Pre-Darden, I was an Account Executive at an Advertising Agency. Post-Darden, I will be a Product Marketing Manager (likely at Microsoft, with 95% certainty 😊).

Darden Section: Section EEEeeeEEEeeeeEE! (the bEst sEction!!!)

Favorite C’ville spots: The C&O Restaurant is a GREAT place to bring your parents to show them that you’re properly adulting and can enjoy a real meal. My favorite spots by far though are the wineries: I think Pippin Hill reminds me of Italy or Southern France, it is just gorgeous (and so tasty!)

#WhyDarden: I knew I wanted to go to a Consortium member school, and Darden was at the top of the list of those for me. I had to do case method (my Dad went to HBS and this was an absolute requirement), and I wanted a school with really high school spirit and collaboration (I felt I missed this in my undergrad, so grad school was my chance!). Darden has definitely exceeded my expectations in both the rigor of the curriculum and the extent to which current and former students will bend over backwards to help you in your career search, or getting through the work, or just sharing a nice evening over some wine.


Mansha Sharma


Hometown: Kota, Rajasthan, India

Undergrad: IIT Roorkee, India

Career: Investment Banking

Darden Section: Section B- Birds <3

Favorite C’ville spots: Downtown mall, Skyline drive and of course, The Virginian

#WhyDarden: 3 Cs- Case method, Collaborative culture, and Charlottesville

Steph GWIB pic.jpg

Steph Spangler


Hometown: Hagerstown, Maryland

Undergrad: History

Career: Education management

Darden Section: B

Favorite C’ville spots: Public Fish and Oyster, Lampo Pizza, Three Notched

#WhyDarden: As a former teacher, I was drawn to Darden faculty’s commitment to excellent teaching!

Anisha Chandra


Hometown : Atlanta, GA

Undergrad: Emory University

Career: Sr. Financial Analyst (data analytics) at Home Depot

Darden Section: E!

Favorite C’ville spots: Oooh - Junction for dinner, Alamo Draft House for movie and a milkshake, Ivy Provisions for TNDC hangover brunch 😊

#WhyDarden: My Ethics Caselet was chosen to be discussed in FY Ethics and it was awesome to see my peers engage in a topic – hiring policies for international students – that I had personally experienced and felt passionate about!

JSnell Gwib pic 1.jpg

Jacqui Snell


Hometown – San Francisco, CA

Undergrad – Georgetown University

Career: industry and function—Before Darden. International Education Development in the Middle East.

Darden Section -- B

Favorite C’ville spots -- Tavola, Feast, Oakhart Social, Bebedero, Jack Brown’s, Three Notch’d Brew Co, Charlottesville Farmer’s Market, Vineyards

#WhyDarden— I was attracted to Darden due to its being rated the #1 business school for student experience 7 years in a row. I wanted to join a supportive community where students helped each other succeed and faculty were there first and foremost to teach. My expectations have been exceeding exponentially. The inclusive community nurtures individuals to grow and prosper in and outside of the classroom. Darden pushes students to grow academically, professionally and personally. Darden is so special to me because been a catalyst for immense personal growth and welcomed me into a family of so many motivated, passionate and intelligent people.

Sophie Nosseir


Hometown: Riverside, CT

Undergrad: UVA

Career: industry and function: Before school – investment banking and executive search. After school – hopefully returning to Marriott full-time in their internal consulting group

Darden Section: C

Favorite C’ville spots: The Lawn (especially in the fall), Lampo and Mas for dinner, Feast for lunch, Pippin Hill and King Family Vineyards for wine tasting, and Humpback Rock and Carter Mountain for spending time outside!

#WhyDarden: For the people – who have become my best friends, who have pushed me outside my comfort zone, and who have helped me find my voice.

Vipahsa GWIB pic.jpg

Vipasha Agrawal


Hometown: Gwalior, India

Undergrad: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Career: Consulting

Darden Section: B

Favorite C’ville spots: The downtown mall

#WhyDarden: I came to the US not knowing much about the culture but Darden made me feel included and at home. I have loved everything about this place but the community and the support I have received from everyone made it very special